T h e  c o m p o s e r

Yann Jaffrennou was born in 1952 in Strasbourg / France.

1977 his wife, originally from Brittany, gives him cause for going into celtic music. So he composed between 1977 and 1979 exclusively celtic piano pieces.

After he met Roland Darquoy (1979), his compositions become more extended, with indian and far-eastern influences. By exploring piano sounds, he wants to get back to the string-roots of the piano. But this is not possible without a certain interpretation: The touch of the pianist has to produce indeed the sounds of harp or sitar strings, or even the synthesizer sounds.

By time many other musical traditions get more and more important (Chinese, Japanese, ancient Greek, minimal music, american Indian, tzigan).


In 1980 he expresses himself by some messages like:

The classical pianist is not creative enough ; his tails attract too much attention

We shouldn't confound contemporary music with actual music: The first one is still classical, the last one no more

The piano is not an instrument which is  more classical than any other one

Future music will englobe any scales and expressive possibilities - from the East and from the West

On a piano You can do and imitate  anything, said F.Liszt, even the synthesizer, would we say

In 1998 he puts his theoretical point of view in concret terms with two writings which should  be considered by those, who are interested by the fascinating confrontation of the musical languages of Orient and Occident:

 Catalogue of the 2048 musical scales

The inner lyre, a grammar of music