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The Legend of the City of Ys:   (Bretagne)

(music: The sinking - The bells - The resurrection of Ys)(30 min.)


Tam Lin:     (Scotland)

(music: Romance - Inspiration - Harp - Dance - A bird - Song of the old heathland - Humming)(12 min.)


My Island:       (Ireland)

(music: Celtic Ballad )(10 min.)


Gwinna or The Secret of the harp song in the wind: (America)

(music: 9 pieces of "The best of Celtic Piano" )(60 min.)


The Water Mother:       (Finnland)

(music: Celtic Wind - Dance 1 - Seaweed hair - The sea - The Otherworld - Light on earth - The Grotto of Fingal - The Forest - Jig)(30 min.)