T h e  p r e s s

 A vibrating trip on a celtic piano

"...Roland Darquoy presents also a visual show, and gives us the possibility to make a contemporary celtic trip. We hold our breath, and with him we dive into this "Otherworld".    

Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, Jan. 1986

W.Keller and R.Darquoy opening new horizons

"...The discovery of the evening however, was the way, how Roland Darquoy played and presented celtic music on the modern grand piano... The pedals play an important part, because the sounds get mixed to produce quiet incredible impressive hearing experiences".

Offenburger Kurier, Dec. 1986

Celtic and Indian music

"...The performer succeeded in producing amazing "colored" timbres; You believed to hear indian string instruments... As a real master, Roland Darquoy imitated on the piano the timbre and the fixed rythm of a synthesizer".

Badische neueste Nachrichten, Sept. 1987

Water nymphs and mermaids

"..."Cheveux d'algues, L'autre monde" or "La résurrection d'Ys" are the characteristic titles of Jaffrennou's musical poetry. Starting from Debussy's Impressionism, he reaches an astonishing simple musical language, seducing directly by the "fairy" touch of his music".

Acher und Bühler Bote, Nov. 1989

The sea in tales

"...Celtic tales and legends, as well as irish-scottish folklore spellbound Roland Darquoy, and in the music of Yann Jaffrennou he finds his musical ideal. By means of the pedals, a deliberate harsh touch and its reverberation, he succeeds in a deceptively clever imitation of the celtic harp, which could fool anyone..."

Hohenloher Zeitung, July 1995

Ancient legends told by whirl sounds

"...Roland Darquoy produced impressive effects with many-facetted timbres on the keys of the piano. Thanks to his performance he allowed the audience to revive the legends which were told just before by his partner. Through his touch he liberated the sounds in the space like hudge or tiny waves, infinitely curved or explosing or simply dividing themselves softly. By such a diversity of touch in performing the work, it was no trouble at all for the audience to see the movie of the legend on their inner screen."

Acher & Buehler Bote, July 1998

Violent sandstorm on the piano

"...The pianist celebrated literally this musical style with much physical extroversion and joyful vitality. So he suggested for example the violence of a sandstorm, or described with a delicate touch the moment when a girl embraced tenderly her favorite tree..."

Badisches Tageblatt, Oct. 2000