D i s c o g r a p h y

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Vallée - Kaleidoscope 6 - Landes: fa, do, sol, re, la, mi, si - July raga - Cariatide 1 - Posture 10, 6 - Nuages et nuages                                                           59’05

    1 CD "The best of celtic piano"
    label ANTES 1997


    Danse 1, 2 - La forêt - Kalonenn - Vent celtique - Danse 3, 4 - L’autre monde - La grotte de Fingal - Mon coeur est une fontaine - Danse 5 - Gigue - La rivière - Cheveux d’algues - La mer - Danse 6, 7 - L’engloûtissement d’Ys - Cathédrale - La résurrection d’Ys                          62’50

“A collection of 20 piano pieces - excepted the last one, not longer than 2 - 4 minutes - performed in a way which combines beauty of sound with a sublime restraint.”                                                 B. Uske in FonoForum 4/98

1 CD "9Ragas"                                               Studio Z.I.P. Heidelberg on Fazioli 308 (cm)  2002


June - Pink - July - No landscape - Ananda - Brahmarandhra - White - Ganesh - Space           55’33

“Any of these 9 Ragas for piano is written in a specific indian scale, and remains exclusively in this tonality. Modulation doesn’t exist in traditional music.Traditionally the Raga consists in a subtle melodical form, which uses a particular scale (often pentatonic) and usually the indian musician improvises on these basics. By writing these 9 pieces, I didn’t take this definition literally, because I didn’t want to “copy” the traditional world (incidentally the temperated 12 tone system would allow that just as little as the piano itself). I kept exclusively to the principal of non-modulation and to a circular rythmical development (improvisation around a central note which becomes a modal “pole”). Both of these factors make the base of any traditional music. With some more repetitive sequences, we can listen to bare piano sounds, without any discursive context, just for themselves. This spacial and meditative aspect of sound is characteristic of playing music in the Orient.”                                                                                                                                                                                                             Yann Jaffrennou

  link to listen at mp3 audio clips of any recorded piece