C o n c e p t  - D i a l o g u e  C o n c e r t

Main thread of our recitals is the modal phenomenon, which gives each musical culture its own imprint. Each piano piece of the concert has its own ethnical touch. Through characteristic piano pieces of my friend, the french composer Yann Jaffrennou, we present miscelleanous modal worlds, coming from all four corners of the earth. In completion to that, every music piece tells its own story, which belongs to the corresponding cultural landscape. So we get 5 different modal worlds or:

P i a n o S p h e r e s

America China India Hellas Keltia

What's modal music? In contrast to tonal music (major / minor music - mainly the same intervalls as the white piano keys from C to C (major scale), or from A to A (minor scale), modal music is not concerned with differences in pitch, but deals with tone quality resulting from intervalls. Not the tone, but the intervall between the tones makes here the music, we could say. According to the modal scale (in India for ex. they count not less than 72 different basical keys or Ragas) which is used, modal music may have vitalizing, relaxing, therapeutic or meditative effects.